Exclusive LAVU Convention Recap

Exclusive LAVU Convention Recap

Magazine Article | March 26, 2015

Lavu's 3rd Annual Convention, Exclusive from the Event


Even though we weren't there, we wanted to hear about the buzz vibrating after Lavu's third annual convention, where it brought together 70 VARs to showcase new solutions, and educate on what's next for the up-and-rising iPad POS company. Here, we offer the exclusive scoop from Josh Bennett, VP of Business Development for Lavu, as well as Michael Riches, Lavu VAR partner and Founder of Buckeye POS.


Let's dive into the exclusive interview:

VSR: Give us a brief update on the conference details (objectives, types of sessions, number of VARs in attendance, etc).

Bennett: This year's conference was a huge success and a major collaboration. We were able to share what we've learned over the past year, and provide insight to our business and product goals that will continue to shape the future of cloud-based pos. A variety of educational breakout sessions were held for our top 70 VARS including new reseller support initiatives, best hardware practices, networking advancements, sales and marketing promotions, and an entire session dedicated to our most anticipated new app release to date - Lavu 3.0!

VSR: What was "seen and heard" that impressed you?

Bennett: The passion our VARS have for Lavu was very apparent. You could really feel it. Collectively, we heard tremendous feedback from our community about how much we've grown our product and VAR support the past year.

VSR: What was Lavu's main objective to "mobilize the troops" and enhance VAR loyalty to its solution offering?

Bennett: Our main objective was to educate our VAR community on the upcoming Lavu 3.0 app release, and unveil some MONSTER promotions. Lavu 3.0 is extremely fast. It will be a game-changer for enterprise businesses looking for a more powerful cloud-based pos solution to centralize business operations.


Q&A: Michael Riches, Founder, Buckeye POS

VSR: As a VAR partner who has attended Lavu conferences in the past, how did this one measure up?

Riches: Lavu Advance 2015 was a tremendous step forward in the people, information and technology advances. The people in attendance made this conference extra enjoyable and informative. The information in the break out sessions with each Lavu division were well organized, informative and I learned so much. The level of POS Lavu's execution exceeded my expectations. With an extra day, this facilitated a more relaxed and less hurried environment. I talked with more Lavu Specialists and got to know more people. There isn’t much more I could have taken away from this year’s event.

VSR: What were the most exciting things you took away form the conference?

Riches: Lavu 3.0 was the most exciting thing for me. The speed and performance is up to 74% faster. It’s truly a giant leap forward. Also, it was amazing to look back and see the large number of features that have been added since last year. And it’s great to see so many familiar faces. Lavu must provide a great work environment, it seems like they have very little turn over. The hardware break out was very exciting to see how fast Lavu is ready to move forward and make necessary changes. I believe so much in the people and product of POS Lavu.

Spotlight on Michael Riches, Founder, Buckeye POS

We are thrilled that Riches will be joining us on stage as a panelist on our "Mobile in Action" session at VSR's upcoming Business Optimization Summit-West, May 6-8 in Marina del Rey, CA. To learn more about the event, click here. VARs receive complementary passes - we hope to see you there!

Here's Michael's Story:

MARHeadshot2jpg-(1).jpgAfter a successful career in marketing, Michael Riches founded and owns Buckeye POS, Pelican POS, and is part owner of Solution Pronto. In interfacing with small business owners he was able to identify one of the most critical (and often frustrating) components of a business owner’s experience: the point of sale.

Buckeye POS and Pelican POS were conceived to offer Point of Solutions, such as POS Lavu iPad, for bars, restaurants, and other small businesses. Solution Pronto was designed to provide stabilizing technology solutions. By securing multi-tiered solution possibilities, he’s found a way to offer a complete catalog of tech components to fulfill the needs of any business as it grows.

As a result, six of Columbus’s Top 10 new bars opening in 2013 used Buckeye POS and POS Lavu. With the POS industry changing rapidly, and small businesses blossoming in a new tech-based market, Buckeye POS strives to stay ahead of the curve to offer tomorrow’s solutions today, which means acquiring emerging tech capabilities before they come online in the mainstream market. As reported in Business Solutions Magazine’s November 2014 edition, Buckeye POS is serving up success with cloud based POS, with early adopters gaining a clear competitive edge.

With any tech-based market-oriented business, stability is goal number one. The systems can’t only function in theory; once implemented, they must exhibit integrity and operate with total reliability – a challenge Riches has focused on since day one, marrying conventional customer service values with the dynamic world of tech implementation. The other primary goal of Buckeye POS is to provide a total-spectrum, end-to-end solutions and implementation: from hardware, software, installation, training, programing, support, and more. When a business’s POS needs replaced, speed and efficiency are essential, which means comprehensive evaluation and an implementation strategy that keeps businesses rolling.

Buckeye POS also works closely with Apple and Apple Consultants to create bedrock-stable Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, POS Lavu has been featured on Gordon Ramsey’s popular television shows Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell, increasing the popular profile for these technologies.

In two short years, Buckeye POS has become the No. 7 POS Specialist in the world in 2014, and No. 5 in the country; they serve clients throughout the Midwest and the Southeast.

To learn more about Lavu, visit www.lavu.com. For more information about Buckeye POS, visit www.buckeyepos.com.